Let us give you 3 excuses to take the train of Ramadan home decoration.

1. It makes you happier

If it is itching you to put out your Ramadan decorations and Ramadan lights, go ahead, psychologists say it can make you happier. It is explained that people who do so tap earlier than the others into the excitement of the worship and celebration season. The nostalgia effect plays a lot. Indeed, if you have kept good childhood memories of your past Ramadan, it will just increase your desire to revive that moment of joy sooner. So do not hesitate to take your dope of dopamine and lift your mood and the one of the whole family.

2. People might think you're friendlier! 

Researches prove that we naturally consider people with a pleasant and decorated house as sociable and nice persons without even knowing you. If you have the “safe” possibility to hang “Ramadan Mubarak” outside of the house do so, it might help engage the conversation with your neighbors. Otherwise, decorate the inside and let your guests feel the warm atmosphere.

3. Start a new tradition

For Muslims living in non-Muslims environment, it is critical as there is nothing outside, at school, in supermarkets reminding us our Big Days during the year. In the Middle-East streets are filled with beautiful lights and wishes as what we know in the West for Christmas. So a great way to not create frustration specially within our youth is to create our own Islamic Ramadan and Eid traditions adapted to the political and social tensions we are living in.

The Pandemic taught us to appreciate our home and forced us to settle down. In 2020, we transformed our homes into mosques as we couldn’t pray Ramadan night prayers at the mosques that were closed.

By decorating your house or defining spaces of worships, of gatherings, of dining you help your brain feel a certain logic, a certain atmosphere and as our lord loves “beauty” in terms of cleanliness, character and research of the best into different solutions or products, we must strive to implement that “beauty” within our homes in terms of organization, products but also in terms of character.


You will find a selection of products and activities to live your faith at home with your family to help create a Ramadan atmosphere in your space without spending too much time on the how and what.

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